Mulberry & Walnut

Handcrafted Candles & Soaps

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"Color is what first attracted me to glass and once I was introduced to fused glass I was hooked. I now have three kilns in my studio (aka basement) and create all types of work, including bowls, plates, cheeseboards and jewelry using a variety of techniques and types of glass."


Find her work at Purple Robin Reserve - Lititz, PA; American Artisan Gallery - York, PA; Peter's Valley School of Craft and Gallery - Layton, NJ


Jenn Avery

Fine Crafted Gourds

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Framed Angel Oak.jpg

Steve Ember

Custom Photographic Art


Donna Spangler

Fraktur - PA German Art

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Joli A Miller

Scherenshnitte- German Fine Paper Cutting

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Mary Ann Seitz

Creative Books, Paper

Donald Kelly

Wood Metal Glass

Photos by maura pierce photography